Bizhap makes it easier and faster for customers to reach and communicate with businesses in Africa and around the world. Whether you are a multinational, small or medium scale business or just a budding entrepreneur, Bizhap makes it faster to communicate with customers on the go and reach potential new customers.

How it Work Get Now

Business Made Easy

With Bizhap, you don't have to worry about the hassle of starting a business or how to reach potential customers. We have made that easy for you. Bringing customers, service vendors and businesses together in one place.
Just create your profile and get started.

Million Search by Customers

People can search for businesses, service providers and partners by their name, keyword, and location and communicate instantly with them.
It's that simple. So Its easy to find more service vendors, make more partners, gain more clients and customers for your business.

High Profit

Gain leads, drive sales, increase profit and reach more customers and clients everyday. Bizhap allows customers to add your business, service or organization to their contact making it easier for them to reach you anytime and for you to send them instant messages, notifications or offers.


  • It's instant and faster
  • It saves your customers data and call credit.
  • It allows your customers to identify and connect with your business and brand better
  • It makes it easier for customers to reach you on the go anywhere, with any device.
  • It makes it easier for your business to be found easily by customers.
  • Customers can save your business to their contact list and share your business with friends.
  • It allows you to share new offers and products to your customers.

Create a Business Profile

It's simple! Just create your business profile and start engaging. Your business profile can be created with your phone number or email address.

Engage People

Engage with customers and build your business network across different regions both locally and internationally from one platform.

Customer Search

Let customers find you from anywhere . Customers can search for business and services with names and keywords. Let them find you, discover and get familiar your product and services and tell their friends.

Build Network

Start building your business network with customers and communicate with them on the go from anywhere and from any device. Share new products and offers with them anytime and anywhere.

Special Features

Easy to chat with customers and businesses from any device and anywhere on the go

Customers can save your business to their contact and find you quicker.

Customers can reach you without call credit from anywhere on their mobile phone.

Customer with low internet access or data can still reach you easily.

Bizhap is available to businesses worldwide and Africa.

Easy to find businesses on the go

Bizhap Coming Soon. Stay informed

App Screenshot

Designed with businesses and customers in mind.

Coming Soon to App stores

Bizhap will be availble for download on App stores soon.
We are currently trying to make it as simple and useful as possible.

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Skype : @bizhap